Gabriele Brmbin
Gabriele Brombin
Illustrator + concept artist

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Illustrations accompanying the piece "Generation Tony Hawk: how a genre busting PlayStation game shaped the UK skate scene", written by Hannah Nicklin and published by Read-Only Memory.

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«But more so than the televising of skateboarding, Tony Hawk [...] also gave outsiders a kind of literacy with which to read skateboarding; an entry point into it. However, in recording something, you also trap it.

[...]You have tricks that have names temporarily that change, and people called them Ollie North for a time because [...]. But that went, and nobody really called it that for ages, and then when they did Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater they kind of revived old trick names. »

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Gabriele Brombin
Illustrator + concept artist

based in Milan, Italy.